Hi! My name is Damir. I’m co-founder at IFAB.ru and i’m pretty good at these scary things

  • Startups
  • E-Commerce
  • Process development
  • Process implementation
  • Project management
  • Financial modeling
  • Business strategy

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Ooh, What a Sweet Favorite Summer Memory…


One of my favourites summer memories is when i was studying for 3 weeks in a summer school in Reading (UK). I liked everything: food, people (it’s really interesting to communicate with students from Japan, Italy, Spain, France, USA, Canada e t.c.), some activities like sport games and fightings… Oh, too many things happened there, but the most i liked there is evening discoteques. Oh, no-no-no. I don’t like dancing very much. There, i could use their audio system in hall to play the music I like. I did it before disqoteques, when there were no other students. There were only adult stuff from the sweet past generations. Personally, i like old music. Classic rock, actually. Whereas my peers like modern music, like house/trance and so on.

So, the music interests of staff members and mine coincided. And i really liked that feeling, when i communicated with others not as usual with words, but with music and emotions, created by it.

So, that’s maybe mune favourite summer memory… When i could connect to people through music, playing The Beatles, QUEEN, ABBA, The Zombies, Golden Earring and other wonderful, amazing groups.

I tend to believe, that maybe you like such feeling too. Isn’t it?

(P.S.: Sorry for my english)

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