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Mystique 3.0: adding more icons drama :D


Hey guys!
So, that’s your solution for now.
First of all, download this module.php file, customized with G+ added options.
Thank take this G+ icon, made by me. It’s not as cool as others in extra-nav collection, but the difference is not really critical, as you can see. If you check it out on this site, it looks cool…

Ok, now you’ve got two files that are needed to be put in extra nav folder. Here’s screenshot of how you should do it:

This will work perfectly for you. Of course you can change the order of navigation elements just with swapping elements in modules.php file 😉

And yeah, this site works under the old, classic framework. I’m still working on damirock.com – New Edition on Atom framework… there’re tons of work simply because of changed CSS parameters.

If you need any other icons or ‘ve got some problems, just ask me in comments, surely i’ll help.


  • Sebastian Pfohl: module.php and amazon icon are here 😉
  • Zardilann: module.php and steam added icon are here for you
  • Nicki, Fernando and Jeremy, here is your full pack with your requested icons. But, unfortunately for Jeremy, i could not find suitable LuLu.com icon. So, dude, if you’ll find it – write me back, i’ll help you out with this.
  • Request in comments 😉


How to change mouse hover tooltip to something like this? -> 

Here’s you’ve got to do. Go to module.php, and scroll to if($k = Atom::app()->options section.

Here you need to change this text, that goes after a title=”‘._a parameter:


That’s all

P.S. Digitalnature creator, if you reed this, thank you for everything!

P.S.S. If you found this topic via google or smth. like that, here’s full extra-nav plugin which should be located at mystique-ex/mods/ folder

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