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Adding more social icons to Mistique Extra Nav Icons


As default, Mystique theme supports only 2 icons: Twitter and Facebook. But, thanks to 3rd-party developers and Mystique-users this excellent plugin was created. This liny-helper enables your theme to support extra navigation icons. There are plenty of them, but, in some cases like mine, you might miss some icons you need. So, that’s not a problem at all.

The main thing you need to do – is to create this icon. Generally, all social networks and other sites you’re interested in have their own icons in high-definition files.

Ok, you’ve downloaded your icon. Now you just need to convert it in the icon for Mystique. It’s as easy as it can be. Ready?

First of all, you’ll need Photoshop. It doesn’t matter what version you have, our task is really simple.

Well, the first step – rotate your image 30 degrees clockwise. That’s the angle of all the others icons in Mystique.

As usual, after you rotate your image empty spaces appear around your icon. Just like it was in my case:

It’s even more simple than before – trim this image from all the sides. You’ll get this kind of result:

The second step is resizing. As you might have noticed, all the icons have similar size – 64×64. Go and resize it!

That was the “most difficult” part. Now a little bit of coding, but, telling the truth, it will be just giving a fuck 🙂

You’ll need to add your new icon into plugin directory in (/wp-content/plugins/mystique-extra-nav-icons/icons). Mind the filename! Your icon name must be started from nav- prefix. E.g., nav-googleplus.png. It’s going to be needed in the next, final step.

Now go back to plugin root folder and locate extra-nav-icons.php.

There just add new string after the series of new MENI_Icon(………), lines:

new MENI_Icon( 'vk', 'http://vk.com/YOUR_USERNAME', '' ),
new MENI_Icon( 'googleplus', 'http://gplus.to/YOUR_USERNAME', ''),

The “YOUR_USERNAME” expression doesn’t play a single fuck in this drama. Theese are just strings to appear in your admin panel.

So. This is it. All you need to do at last – set navigation bar up in wp-admin panel. Hope this shit helps somebody but me.

If you’ve got any troubles – welcome to the comments section below.

And if you’re just a disabled douchebag, ok, i can help you with icons creation.

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