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Buseng 20

Вы меня, конечно, простите, но убеищней сайта я еще не видел всё-таки, чем у нашей преподавательницы…

1) Reebok -> rendering:



Business English + IT

Bus in ass:

1) Newspaper: “Motivating employees”. -> Summary

2) Curriculum: Читаем статью ниже + материал из Employee Benefits [WIKI] Из всего этого делаем Summary.

Keep up motivation levels through long summer days (By Stefan Stern)

It’s August, the sun is shining – in London, anyway – and I cannot help wondering: what the hell am I doing still at work?
Perhaps, secretly, you have been asking yourself the same question. And think how your direct reports are feeling. They may not all share the same sense of responsibility that you do. They, too, are wondering why they are still at work. Their bodies are in the office, but their minds are elsewhere.
Motivation levels are low. What a relief, then, that this summer’s bumper edition of the Harvard Business Review contains an article promising to reveal “a powerful new model” for employee motivation. Drawing on the latest research into how the brain works, the article’s authors (Nitin Nohria, Boris Groysberg and Linda-Eling Lee) argue that employee motivation depends on four key elements, or “drivers”: the drive to acquire (rewards and experiences), the drive to bond (building a sense of belonging), the drive to comprehend (work must be meaningful) and the drive to defend (fair play for all).



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